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Red argil and essential oil of rose

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Rosmarino Skin Cleansing and Beauty Regime

Oxygen therapy

Powder consisting of fine grains , containing argil , soda and essential oils for a pleasing and relaxing scent. The oxygen therapy powder offers a total experience with its relaxing, anti microbial, skin tightening properties. It stimulates circulation and facilitates cell regeneration; helping the elimination of dead cells and absorption of water.


Instructions for use

For deep cleansing and velvety skin, first shower using one of the Rosmarino soaps and natural sea sponge, then rinse the body thoroughly and fill your bathtub. Add 260 gr of Rosmarino oxygen therapy powder to the water and watch as oxygen is released and froth is formed. Enjoy your bath for 15 minutes then rinse and complete your body care regime with the application of Rosa ointment to slightly damp skin.

Foot care
For soft, refreshed and healthy feet. While soaking feet in a bowl, add 50 gr of Rosmarino oxygen therapy powder and relax for 15 minutes. Then wash the feet with Rosmarino soap, rub gently with natural sea sponge and massage with Mastic ointment.

Facial care


Step 1. First up: cleansing

Rosmarino soaps are the preferred choice for everyday cleansing. Use with soft, upward, stroking movements of the hands for gentle but deep cleansing, morning and night.

Pure, top quality soaps made with virgin olive oil, herbs and essential oils in a variety of combinations... Choose the soap of Cleopatra with milk, honey and myrrh for gentle skin care; rose for anti-ageing and hydration or.... whichever one suits your individual needs.

Manufactured without palm oil, foaming agents ,colourants, chemical additives, or artificial perfumes and containing only the natural glycerine produced during the soap making process.


Step 2. Oxygen therapy!

With deeply cleansed skin and open pores we are now ready to apply Rosmarino’s new creation: oxygen therapy balls. These are made from natural ingredients like soda, lemon, argil, seaweed and essential oils and offer antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and skin tightening properties while toning the skin and stimulating blood circulation.

Crush the balls. Take a small amount with wet fingertips and softly massage all over the wet face until the oxygen production is exhausted and the characteristic fizzing sound stops. If necessary, dampen skin again.

The oxygen therapy balls help in the elimination of dead cells,  and the regeneration and production of collagen, thus promoting the skin tightening action. The ingredients facilitate the absorption of water during the application of the balls and thus increase the natural hydration of the skin.

During the application you will notice hyperaemia which is due to the action of the oxygen as it is energized by the water and to the absorption of the ingredients. This is not a cause for concern. As soon as the action of the oxygen is completed, after a few seconds, rinse with plentiful warm water. The hyperaemia will immediately disappear, leaving visible results, even after the first application. The pores are now open and ready to receive the next stage of the skin care regime. The skin is already silky, supple, glowing and clear as a result of the cleansing and toning processes.


Step 3. Rosa Ointment

Rosa Ointment is the third and final step of the skin care regime ,for suppleness, lustre and skin tightening. It is anti ageing and nourishes the skin, preventing dehydration.

Rosa is a traditional ointment containing beeswax and 14 different oils which leave the impression of a moonlight walk in jasmine scented alleyways.



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